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CDI acknowledges the importance in doing the small routine tasks right every time. Quotes are confirmed in writing and accurate invoices are issued promptly. CDI customers recognize our professionalism and our perfectionism. That's what sets us apart from other distributors.

Functional Pigments

Barium Sulfate – Barytes

White dry-ground grades from 325 mesh to micronized.
SUPPLIER: Cimbar Performance Minerals

Calcium Carbonates

Dry-ground and wet-ground grades from course to ultrafine.
SUPPLIER: Columbia River Carbonates

Diaotomaceous Earth

Natural and flux calcined flatting agents and fillers.
SUPPLIER: Hongda Chemicals Industries, Dicalite Corporation


Potash spars for ceramic applications Finely divided soda for filler applications.
SUPPLIER: Quartz Corporation

Glass Microspheres

Hollow and solid glass microspheres.
SUPPLIER: Potters Industries


Dry-ground, wet-ground and micronized grades.
SUPPLIER: New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co.


Aluminum, Calcium and Zinc.
SUPPLIER: Valtris Specialty Chemicals


Platey grades classified for coatings applications.
SUPPLIER: Magris Talc, USA

Zinc Oxide

High-purity grades for coatings and metallurgical applications.
SUPPLIER: Zochem Inc.

Pigments for Color

Carbon Black

Industrial and rubber grade pigments.
SUPPLIER: Black Diamond Material Sciences

Iron Oxide Micronized Pigments

Natural and synthetic grades.
SUPPLIER: Hydrox, Alabama Pigments

Organic Pigments

Yellows, reds, oranges, blues and greens.
SUPPLIER: Transcor

Pigment Dispersions

Organic and inorganic pigments in a wide variety of vehicles.
SUPPLIER: CEAC Colours AG, Accurate Dispersions

Titanium Dioxide

Rutile and anatase grades.
SUPPLIER: Ishihara USA Corporation

Viscosity Modifiers

Rheological Modifiers

Sepiolite and Hectorite clays
SUPPLIER: Rheo Minerals

Performance Products

Vegetable Oils

Linseed, soybean, walnut, canola, corn and castor oils.

We have confidence in CDI because of their history as a reliable and dependable supplier to our company.

Mark McBee Director of Purchasing Willamette Valley Company

CDI could be recognized as "Distributor of the Year" every year, which speaks highly of their consistency, the quality of their people and their commitment to customer service.

Ron Wade ~ Parker Paint

CDI is really one of the best suppliers we've got. We've never had any complaints. They're always fair on pricing. Delivery is convenient when we need it, and when we go there to pick things up, they're always very helpful.
And when something does need to be changed, it happens immediately without any discussion.

Paul Richards ~ Oregon Rubber

The attention CDI gives us is amazing. They treat us like we're their only customer. In fact, I think they treat every customer like they were their only customer. That's just how they operate.
Their concern about us goes way beyond the sale. The people at CDI know their products and they know their customers. We are fortunate to have them.

Steve Serra ~ Miller Paint

CDI is a valued asset in our company's ability to meet our customers' needs.
They are excellent at accommodating our ever changing production requirements. CDI will go to any lengths necessary to provide material and technical information in a timely, cost effective manner.
Their customer service is exemplary in their field.

Waleen Kostal Purchasing Manager Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.